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Personal repositories

I have a dotfiles and a scripts repo. The former contains the contents of my XDG_CONFIG_HOME, which includes shell config, terminal and window manager settings. The latter is an collection of scripts that i use frequently.

Both are intended to be portable across different kinds of unix-like operating systems.

This also contains my i3 config, which boils down to having an tabbed desktop with everything maximized per default. I dont have any kind of status- or menubar to reduce distractions.

Alpine aports

Together with strfry, i maintain some additional ports for Alpine Linux. The git repository can be found on github c3d2/aports.

From time to time i build it as whole, sign and upload it. You can set it up by adding to your repository list.

The packages are signed with following public key:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----


I used to maintain a tiny cross-compiled Musl/Linux distro named tonic. It does not contain an own toolchain and is cross-compiled from an already running musl-based system. The upstream code is included via git submodule, which was intended to help with bisecting with full integration tests.