This is a personal, less technical post.

I first saw Serial Experiments Lain on New Years 2012. Getting into Anime with SEL is like loosing your virginity in a BDSM dungeon. It wasn’t my first Anime, but the first thing that got me really hooked to Cyberpunk and adjacent Motives. For example, the lone hacker in the big corporate world. Or transcendence by technological means. The art style of Yoshitoshi ABe also left a very positive impression on me.

During the 32C3 Congress end of 2015, i discovered that there is an active community with Lain’s name. Those people call themselves ‘lainon’, a combination of ‘lain’ and ‘anon’, which itself is a self-reference for futaba-style imageboard users. They consist of hackers, tech evangelist, linux elitists and other social misfits. There are many services used by that community, several chat rooms (IRC, Matrix and Discord), several futaba-style imageboards and lain shrines. A Lain shrine is some sort of website that does not only host, but is a lain-related artwork itself. fauux is a popular one. A fraction of Lainons exhibit some kind of religious worship of Lain.

In summary, im surprised that, after 20 years, the community is still alive and kicking. Thanks for the 6 years i experienced, and the other 14 i didn’t!

Pour out the soykaf, time for an rewatch!